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What's your next most-faithful step? See what's possible with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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Understanding who you are and where your strengths and passions lie is the first step. We all have our own traits, interests and personal gifts that shape our leadership potential. Learning about this potential can help you figure out the next steps on your faith journey within the ELCA.

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Stephen K.
St. Louis, MO
“I've always felt kind of confused about where I could get involved. Journi really helped me understand where that beginning could be.”
Winston A.
Galveston, TX
“Journi helped me get connected with the programs I was interested in. I'm also looking forward to getting more involved in my local congregation's advocacy work.”
Lucia R.
Portland, OR
“I never knew there were so many different paths I could take within the ELCA. Journi helped me explore and find what is best for me.”