A seminary is a graduate theological educational institution where students are introduced to a deep study of Scripture, tradition, Lutheran confessions and the rich history of this church and encouraged in their humility of service and confidence in God’s power to reconcile and renew communities. Students examine the complexities and questions of life, communities and the world so they can better communicate God’s living word in contexts that are always changing. Most importantly, students and leaders are called to be teachers in word and action, inviting and equipping people to participate in listening to God, each other and the world so that together we can love and serve our neighbor with a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.

Who Goes to Seminary?

People who are “called” have experienced an urge to serve others in Jesus’ name.
People are formed by conversation with friends, family or a pastor or deacon.
Curious and Dedicated
Seminarians are curious and dedicated. They study to deepen their knowledge of faith, the Bible, church and society.